Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So it seems that I've taken a bit of an unintentional bloggy break.  Sorry about that.  My day is so crammed these days that I just can't seem to find the time... hell, most days I can barely put a sentence together, much less write something worth reading.  Yes, I'm whining.  It is annoying.  No one wants to read that, right?

In an effort to make everyone feel my pain- not really- I'm going to give you a run down of a day in the life of AJ.  Fasten your seat belts.

5:15- alarm goes off.  Check Twitter and see what I missed, duh.
5:30- coffee, news, try to wake up a little
5:45- more than likely LJ is waking so I have to scoop him up, get him changed, and give him some puffs
6:00- wake up Jax, hand off LJ for a bottle, start getting ready for work
6:45- start packing up LJ's stuff for the day
6:50- hopefully out the door
7:05- drop LJ off at daycare
8:25- get to work, if traffic was light I might grab a latte on the way in

*At this point I bust my ass until 5:00.  Sometimes I get a lunch break, but most often I don't.  I'm the only person in my office right now.  It super SUCKS.

5:00- leave my office to sit in traffic
6:15- get home, if I'm lucky and traffic wasn't too bad
6:17- get a glass of wine
6:20- start fixing LJ's dinner
6:30- feed LJ
6:45- LJ's bath
7:00- LJ gets a bottle
7:15- get LJ ready for bed
7:30- start cooking dinner, eat, maybe watch a show on tv
9:00- hopefully getting in bed so that I can try to get a full 8 hours of sleep

Seriously, I couldn't make this shit up.  Everyone's got their busy days. 

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  1. Yuck. I think the thing that would kill me the most is eating so late. I freak out when dinner is any later than 6pm.. I need at least 3 hours between dinner and bed.

    I also noted that you have neglected to mention time allocated for Joy maintenance... Ha. That could totally be a euphemism for masterbation or sex...but, of course, I mean ME!!