Monday, November 29, 2010

Five Things I Can't Live Without

*I'm referring to material things.  Obviously, this does not include my family, my dog, or my shoes.

1.  Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer:  Smells great and feels even better!

2.  Ouchless Rubberbands:  As soon as I walk in the door in the evenings, my long hair goes in a ponytail.  It stays this way much of the time, unless I'm actually getting dressed to go somewhere.

3.  Yellowtail Wine:  My "every day" wine.  Not expensive and comes in massive size bottles.  I prefer the cabernet-merlot or the pinot grigio.

4.  Rainbow Hemp flip flops:  I love my leather Rainbows, but the hemp are my new faves.  The lighter color just looks really nice and they are less expensive- score!

5.  MAC Bronzer in Golden:  I love looking like I have a little bit of sun on my face and this totally does the trick.

**I am obviously not being paid to promote these products.  I just like 'em.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Am Thankful

Which is pretty much why I didn't post anything yesterday.  I was too busy getting my thankfulness on.  Actually, I was shuffling around my house trying not to be sick, then going to the In Law's, then traveling to see my parents. 

It was SO much fun watching the Macy's parade with Little J.  Okay, he didn't really watch much of it, but I will always have the memory of sitting on the ottoman holding him while Santa Claus rode in to town on his big sleigh.  Little J's first Thanksgiving/Christmas... sigh.

As I sit with my family, happily typing away on my Daddy's laptop, I would like to say that I am also thankful to you for reading my blog and leaving me such nice comments.  It makes me feel good.  I enjoy writing, even if there are only a few people to share it with.

So, thank you.  I truly hope that you all enjoy a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.  And that you are lucky enough to have someone who cooks as good as my Mama does. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Sick

And Sexified- you know, like Ke$ha?  I'm totally hott in my old t-shirt and pajama pants, sitting around my house watching soaps.  Sorry, no hot pants and stockings ripped all up the sides.

It is an early vacation, y'all!  Now if only I didn't have a raging fever, chills, aches, nausea, and overall grossness.  Strep throat.  My mortal enemy.  It seems to get me pretty much every year.  So, I'm at home illin'.  Right?

Well, I've got nothing today.  Oh, except that Jax told me yesterday that some friends of his bought something on Craigsface.  Huh?  CraigsFACE?!  Really?

Jax has also just been diagnosed with strep, so we will both be hanging around the house tomorrow.  Maybe I'll get another gem that I can share.  Craigsface.  Geez.  Oh, and please say a prayer for Little J that he doesn't catch this.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mozerella Chicken and Veggies

Want to eat healthy during this Thanksgiving week before you chow down on the turkey, stuffing, and pie?  Need a fairly easy recipe that doesn't taste like cardboard?  I would be more than happy to share one of my faves.  Unfortunately, I can not take credit for this masterpiece.  It is borrowed from the Beachbody message boards.  And y'all, it RAWKS.

Jax and I ate this a good bit when we were doing P90X. 

Mozzerella Chicken and Veggies

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
shredded mozzerella cheese
2 green bell peppers
jar of mushrooms
1/3 cup white wine

Slice a nice deep pocket into the chicken breasts and stuff with cheese.  Secure with toothpicks.  Season each side with salt, pepper, and basil.

Sautee onion and peppers in a bit of olive oil.  When veggies are tender, add chicken.  Brown on each side for 2-3 minutes.  Remove chicken from pan and bake on 350 for 15 minutes (or until chicken is cooked through).

While chicken is in the oven, add mushrooms and wine to the veggies.  Cook on low.  When chicken is finished, add back to the veggies until you are ready to eat.  I usually serve this with brown rice. 

This recipe is SO good and very healthy!  Try it and let me know what you think.  And while you are cooking, finish off that bottle of white wine!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Half a Pot of Coffee, a Bum Knee, and Bad Shoes

BAD SHOES?!  For shame, I know.  However... Week 1, Day 1 of Couch 2 5K is complete!  It didn't kill me, but it was a nice reminder that I have a bad knee from an old dance injury. 

The shoes are not helping.  They are super old, but cute.  Unfortunately, this is the one time that cute doesn't cut it.  Anyone have any suggestions for good running shoes?  Hey, shoes are shoes, and I'll take any excuse to buy new ones.

The weekend is off to a great start for me!  Hope the same is true for you!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vote: I Need Some Honesty People, Please

Gerber Baby- Yes or No?

Stunning resemblance, no?

I am SO not one of those moms.  A few days ago I tweeted about a mom entering her child into 137 million baby pageants and how crazy I thought it was.  It just isn't my thing.  But doesn't Little J look like he would make an awesome Gerber Baby?

And did I tell you there is money involved?  No?  I mean there is like a one in eleventy billion chance that he will win, but it is a $25,000 scholarship.  That smart boy is going to need some schoolin' one day even though he is most assuredly a genius.

Help me decide- Yes, No, or Little J Will Probably Cut You One Day?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Going Straight to Hell

Probably for a multitude of reasons, but we will stick with one today.  And for those of you who know you are going with me, if you head down first please keep the keg cold*.  Smashing.

I'm lazy.  That is totally a sin, right?  Wasting the precious amount of time that we have on this earth.  Actually, I think sloth has a little more to do with being lazy in your spiritual life, but whatevs. 

Yep, that is me.  Lazy.  I finished my MBA while I was in my last few days (yes, days) with Little J.  Then I finished my Certificate in Healthcare Administration in the first few weeks of his life.  And now?  I do nothing.  Nothing but sit behind a desk and hope that the career of my dreams with come bursting through the computer screen and smack me in the face at any moment.

And I sit.  Then I drive... an hour and a half each way to work every day.  I sit.  I'm lazy.  Lazy in my physical activity, lazy in my intellectual thought processes.  I'm wasting my time and wasting away.

Oh, and did I mention that I am unhappy with my weight?  Well, realistically, what woman isn't?  I still have several- and we will leave it at that- pounds of baby weight to lose.  At what point can you no longer use the excuse, "I just had a baby?"  And trust me, sitting ALL.DAY.LONG will not make the pounds come off.  I've tried.

So to summarize, I sit on my fat ass all day thinking of nothing significant.  Which, come to think of it, is probably why I started this blog.  Because I'm bored.  I pretty much live for weekends when I can go out of town to football games or clean my house or something that makes me feel relatively normal.

This morning I told Jax that it was imperative that I change this routine, as much as I can at this point anyway.  Nothing can be done about work and the drive, but I do believe that I am going to attempt Couch 2 5K to lose the weight and tone up.  Several bloggers that I read are doing this and I'm thinking about trying it.  So much so that I downloaded the app onto my Blackberry this morning!  Yay for first steps!

Now, to be completely honest, I'm not the best runner.  I used to run, but I have a bad knee.  When I told my Mama about my plan the conversation went something like this:

Me:  I know you are going to say this is a bad idea, so why don't we skip the dramz and get down to business.  I'm going to attempt to start running again.

Mama:  I'm not going to say it is a bad idea.  I fully support you.  Just remember that you have a bad knee.

Me:  Aww shucks, Mama!  Sugarysweetcupcakesprinkles!

Mama:  But honey, you run like Phoebe (from Friends, see blurry image below).  You just aren't very graceful.

The One Where Phoebe Runs, Season 6 Episode 7- Friends

Meh.  So what?  If I fall down or something I will be sure to post a pic of my battle scars.  And I'm sure that they will totally make me seem badass when I'm drinking draft in Hell.

*Y'all, I do go to church.  Swear.  Okay, I've missed a few Sundays, but I do still go.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love These Mieces to Pieces

Are you as excited as I am to see these guys?! 

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

I'm going to take your silence to mean that you are now dead because you died in a state of euphoria. 

Every year, I scour the DVR Search frantically for my favorite leetle mouse family, so that I can record, watch, and keep for months before I finally give up and resort to deleting and making room for more soap operas.  Gasp!  Shock!  Horror!  I know, right?

Finally, Amazon has given me a way out of this unfortunate predicament.  Y'all... I am now the PROUD owner of Twas The Night Before Christmas- 1974 TV Special by Rankin Bass.  On DVD even!  My heart is so full that it just might explode into a nasty mess all over my keyboard.  I will try to contain myself.

But for real, I will now be able to share my unnatural passion for this old as dirt take on the classic with Little J.  I hope that he loves it as much as I do.  And if he doesn't?  Tough cookies, kid.  We will watch anyway because Mama wants to ::sticks tongue out like a baybee child::

Oh, and if you happen to hear the fat man Ho Ho Ho-ing like he is going to bust his bowl full of jelly gut, it is because he just got my Christmas List.  And found out that I want an iPad.   

And some Louboutins... or Choos, I'm not picky.  Anything special on your Christmas list this year?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mah Family

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning...
Brother, Daddy, Mama, Me

Doesn't that picture make my legs look skinny?  Yeah, I think so, too.  We are pretty tight-knit and share a love of all things Clemson, happy hour, and just hanging out together in general.  I sincerely lucked out in the family department.  I couldn't ask for better!

Then there is my dear, sweet, and extremely good-looking husband.  He is the epitome of southern and gentleman.  And he is very smart and good looking (did I say that already?).  Oh, by the way, he may also be an elected official one day, which is reason number 1,573 that I have chosen not to use our real names at this time.  So, we are going to call him Jax.  For those of you who know us IRL, the reason why is clear.  For those of you who don't, let's just say it is because he looks like this man:

Okay, maybe not exactly like that... blonder.

The other man in my life is my baby, Little J.  Every day he does something new and makes me think that he is the most brilliant child in the world.  For example, "Look y'all he is staring at his FEET!" or "He is playing with the toys on his jumperoo- heisaneffinggenius!!!"  Please don't ruin this perception for me.  However, if you aren't buying the high level of intelligence of my five month old, please revel in the cuteness- for it can't be denied:

That smile kills me.  And I told you Jax was really blonde. 

The only family member left is our sweet, baby dog.  His name is Duke.  No, really, that is his name.  I won't even try to make one up.  He is also very precious and the most lovable dog ever.  And yes, he is a pit bull:

Snuggling with his bunny.

More pictures to come in the future.  I mean, I can't spoil you too much right off the bat, right?  That and I know you are already on cuteness overload because of the baybee boy and the baybee dog.

These people, Duke also being people, are the best thing about me.  Period.  Well, maybe except for the time that I tripped over the table and almost broke my toe and they all laughed at me.  They totally suck for that.

It is Monday, people!  I hope you are all lively and ready to make this week your bitch.  Get out there and rock it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ode from Joy- Pimp Grits

I mentioned the blog Ghostman on 3 in my last post.  I do hope you clicked and read.  Joy is super awesome and has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember.  Well, as long as I can remember isn't really that long because at some point the whiskey and scotch killed some brain cells that held my long term memory.  Yes, scotch.  Joy kept it in a sock under her bed when we were in high school.  Hi Mom and Dad.  Smoochies.  But I digress....

When I told her that I was going to start a blog, she asked if she could do a Foreword for me.  Since she is all kinds of brilliant, I immediately said HELL NO.  Seriously, because she makes me sound like I'm on a first grade reading level.  Then I backed down because she is way cool.  And because this foreword is the best.  And because she totally shares my sense of humor.  Even if she is way smarter than me.  You will forever be able to find her work of art by clicking the "About" tab.  You are welcome.

 Don't be scared.  She doesn't bite... hard.  And I let her feed my child.

After work I am off for a kick ass weekend of home-cooked barbeque and college football.  The morning mimosas are already calling my name!  Hope everyone has a great one!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An Introduction of Sorts... Finally!

I'm AJ, as I am sure you have gathered by now. 

Remember "Glamour Shots?"  Yeah, I'm not really a Glamour Shots type girl. 
I prefer much less serious (or tipsy) pictures.

Is that enough of an introduction?  I'm really not good with meeting people.  I would prefer to talk about others, if that is okay with you....

Three very different bloggers inspired me to start writing this blog.  One for her cheerful, positive attitude- which I sometimes lack- and because she has an adorable child.  One for her ability to make you laugh until you cry one day and then just plain make you cry the next- and because she has an adorable child.  And finally, One for her sheer brilliance and love for music and dogs- and because she is one of my best friends.

Obviously, I like kids.  Probably because I have one.  Guess what?  He is adorable.  Didn't see that one coming did you?  I will show you a picture- or maybe a million- at a later date.  Oh, and I like driving in the left lane (hence the most creative blog title EVAH).  Mostly because it drives my husband nuts.  I also like wine.  Very much.  But not while driving, of course.

I am very excited to overshare with the entire internets!  If you choose to stick around, you will be getting a healthy dose of the following:
  • pictures of my kid
  • pictures of my dog
  • my opinon
  • pictures of shoes 
  • my thoughts on different wines
  • potty mouth
Throw in some product reviews and possibly some giveaways and there you have it!  So grab a glass of vino, check things out, and I will do my best to entertain you! 

*A special thanks to Becca at Jumping Jax Designs for her amazing design work!  I'm computer stoopid.  Please keep that in mind.
**Mama and Daddy, if you are reading this, I will be sure to put a disclaimer on anything that might embarrass you.  I was raised right, y'all.  Swear.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It Won't Always Be This Way... I Hope.

Bear with me people.  I promise I'm going to actually write something worth (maybe) reading.  Let me give you a host of excuses- time change, work related drama, online shopping, vacation, more work related drama.  Take your pick.

Oh, and I do promise that I will try not to burden you with my dramz.  Okay, maybe every once in a while, but only to draw attention to specific issues.  Not just as they relate to me.  Pinkie swear.

Next up, my formal introduction.  By the way, I'm not good at meeting people, so this should be interesting.  I mean, I'm great at talking about myself, or otherwise I wouldn't be here, right?  But as for thinking of something non-douchebaggy to say, that is another story.  For example, I have been trying to write an email to someone I've never met for about a week now... simply because I don't know where to begin.

And then there is this rambling problem I have.  Now if only I could figure out a way to babble nonsensically about myself.  That might be one hell of an introduction!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Under Construction

Hey there!  I'm taking a little longer than planned to get everything up and running.  You will soon come to find that this is completely normal and to be expected from me.  I'm not setting the bar too high.  Don't have any great expectations.  Love ya, mean it.  XOXO