Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Valentine's Day!  Yay!  What does it MEEEAN?  Nothing.  Not really, anyway.  It is just another completely overcommercialized "holiday."  But it can be fun.  I guess.  Well, I mean, I already told you about my plans... burgers, fries, maybe some deeleecious leetle cupcakes.  However, I totally promised you something EPIC.  And this, friends, is a story of EPIC proportions.  And yes, I feel that the word EPIC needs to be capitalized at all times. 

Let me take you back to a hot summer night, several years ago...

I was hanging out with a friend who was going through a rough time.  She lived in this tiny ass little country town with no bars and nothing fun to do.  After a few drinks and in an effort to entertain ourselves, we called up a friend of hers.  He was hanging out at his house and invited us over.  As we pulled in to the driveway (his house is less than 5 minutes from hers and we weren't drunk), she told me that he was very cute and wanted to know what I thought.  Hence, the need for a code word, or phrase, or something completely NOT obvious.  Because who in their 20's doesn't use code words for cute boys?  Duh.

I'm sure he wondered why we were just sitting in the driveway for so long.  What can I say?  It is hard to think when you are on the spot like that.  So we settled on me telling him that I liked his truck.  Decision made.  Not obvious- he had just a plain old every day run of the mill white truck.  Just like half the people in that tiny ass little country town.  He wouldn't think I was awkward at all.

So we walked up to the door.  He answered and we walked in.  They said their hellos before turning to me.  He said hello.  In a very rushed, panicky voice I spewed "HI I'M AJ I LIKE YOUR TRUCK." 

I just realized that this story is so much better when told in person.  You can't really get quite the effect.  Oh well.  

Anyway, I thought he was such a gentleman.  He was funny.  We got along really well.  And then we did this on again off again dance for about three years.

Not exactly ever ON because he swore he didn't want a girlfriend.  And we would hang out and have a blast and I would hang on for dear life because there was some part of me that thought- against all logic and despite everything that my family and friends said, despite what HE said- that it was just meant to be.

I was right.

It wasn't easy, but it worth it.  If you've seen the movie "He's Just Not That In To You," then you know that very rarely are you the exception to the rule.  I was.  Statistics and history prove that it shouldn't have all fallen into place.

But it did.  And now we live in that tiny ass little country town.  Together.  And he loves me.

And now life is pretty dang close to perfect....

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you all drink lots of champagne, eat lots of chocolate, and just enjoy the ones that you love whether it is family, friends, or someone special.


  1. Awww, sweetness!! I remember this story, now. It is still very cute to hear. I am glad you have found someone who makes you so happy. You deserve nothing but happiness. You and Jax are lucky to have each other.

    Speaking from experience (i.e., someone to hotly pursued her now husband-shamelessly) I think it's best to be the preditor because you know you are after something that is worth a little effort, instead of settling for any ol' schmuck that comes along.

    Happy Valentine's Day!