Thursday, February 3, 2011

No More Blob

My baby... he's growing up.  It is hard to be sad because, duh, it is what he is supposed to do.  And it is truly a wonderful thing.  When I come home I am just plain exhausted from sitting behind a desk all day and being in the car for what seems like an eternity (hour and a half both ways).  It is like a shot of adrenaline to see him grinning from ear to ear and bouncing up and down and reaching out his arms for me to pick him up.  He gets so excited. 

He isn't my little blob anymore.  He babbles a little and has different facial expressions.  And for the most part, he is just so dang happy.  Oh, unless he is hungry.  That boy LOVES to eat.

I put him in the highchair a couple of nights ago to feed him.  Y'all before I could even sit down he had opened his mouth so wide I could have put the whole bowl in there.  And I SWEAR he was practically vibrating.  He was shaking!  Poor thing seemed like he hadn't had a meal in months (I promise we feed him, quite regularly!)

In the mornings, he looks over to his bookcase where we keep his teddy bear.  He wants it and knows exactly where it is.  He is even working on crawling.  Well, he mostly just rocks back and forth.

How did this happen?  I know everyone has always told me that it goes by so fast, but it is unbelievable to me that in four and a half months that blob that I brought home from the hospital- the one that kept me up at all hours of the night, the one that I could tote around in one arm, the one that just stared at me because he didn't know what to make of me in much the same way that I didn't know what to make of him- will be a year old.

He has such an amazing little personality.  And he still snuggles in to me when he is sleepy.  And he still stares at me intently, but now I think he gets it.  I think I'm getting it, too.

My sweet boy- and he does have a diaper on, it is just hard to see

Poor quality.  Jax gets irritated when I use my Blackberry and not my nice camera.  But sometimes my camera is in another room.  And my BB stays attached to my hand, pretty much.

I'm still waiting y'all.  As patiently as possible....


  1. he's growing up so quickly! He's lucky to have you as his Mama!

  2. Cutie-patootie!! He is so precious. I haven't seen him since he was a wee blob, but I am thinking he looks like his dad..that has to be Jax's smile!! Does he always smile??!

  3. Thanks Jenny, I feel pretty lucky myself :)

    Joy, you should see pics of my brother when he was little... they look a lot alike. And yeah, he pretty much always smiles!