Thursday, February 24, 2011

What The Hell?

No, not as in that Avril Lavigne song, but more as in "What the hell am I going to do with myself when I finish this???"

My life has been filled- no, consumed- with Edward, Bella, and Jacob for like the last five days.  I may or may not have lost a grip on reality.  If I don't resurface soon, please send help.
Actually, I lied.  Don't send help.  This fog is kinda nice.


  1. I hate to spoil it for you, but when you are done with "Breaking Dawn," you are going to be scratching your head and saying "WTF." You aren't going to be sad it's over. In fact, you are going to be angry.. At least I was...

  2. The fog is nice isn't it? Ive considering re-reading the books again because I enjoyed the fog so much. Enjoy your happy place :)