Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1Q 2011: Update

I am doing surprisingly well on my goals for this year.  Yay me! 

1.  Read 5 books:  The Twilight series, Hot Mahoghany by Stuart Woods (love me some Stone Barrington, RAWR)

2.  Attend a concert or Best of Broadway musical:  PRINCE!

3.  Visit somewhere new.

4.  Take Jake to the zoo.

5.  Meet one of my blog friends.

6.  Try 5 new, fairly complicated recipes.

7.  Help Jax re-do our yard, plant flowers, etc.

8.  Finish Little J's baby book:  In progress

9.  Organize all of my recipes.

10.  Join a new organization:  I'm a Stella & Dot rep!  Oh, and I joined my church.

I believe I am making some good progress.  We shall consider the 1st Quarter a raging success!


  1. yay for keeping up with goals!! good for you!

  2. that is some great progress on your goals!!

  3. When are we meeting 1/2 way...tee hee?

  4. I thought visiting your favorite person on the planet was on that list??! Seriously-I remember something about you coming to St. Louis to bask in my greatness...Or, you could kill two birds (not literally, please), bring LJ with you and I could take you both to the zoo! Our zoo is badass-and free! We might be having a baybeh elephant this summer!! And we have a penguin house...

    You're on your own with that other nonsense. I do not do yard work-mostly because I am scared of what lurks in the grass and my allergies are no joke.

    I am always here for you when you need help achieving your goals. That's what friends are for!!!

    Oh, and congrats on your current accomplishments!

    Also-you could very easily check off the "visit somewhere new" if we plan the whole Chicago trip..wanna go to Lolla this year? Or just plan our own "Taste of Chicago?"