Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Fantasy List

I love making lists.  Like, REALLY love making lists.  To the extent that I am currently keeping a "fantasy" list on my Blackberry.  This list consists of items I plan to purchase when I get an awesomely fabulous job and can afford anything I've ever wanted.  Well, okay, not everything.  And I'm staying within a salary range of, oh let's say $70,000.  Something realistic.  So here is my list, including commentary.  And it is entitled "Stuff" if you ever come across my BB and need an update. 

  • Blue dress-  I have a certain one picked out
  • VS stuff-  Victoria's Secret, and clearly I overuse the word "stuff"
  • Shoes-  As in Manolos, Choos, Louboutins
  • Ulta-  Everything in it, just in general
  • Work Clothes-  Because I need some
  • Netflix-  I really want to start a new series, and I want to see the Wild Whites of WV or whatever it is called.  Also, I don't have time for a new series, as my DVR is already about to explode... or implode?  Whatever.
  • Freezer-  Speaking of exploding, we need one to put in the garage.
  • Electric knife-  This is for Jax.  Why would I need an electric knife?
  • Maternity proofs-  Because I never bought them a year ago.
  • Just an example...
  • Men's Wearhouse-  Again, for Jax.  I am so thoughtful!  I never realized this about myself (totally kidding, I knew- again, kidding).
  • Light comforter-  So I don't have to listen to Jax bitch about being hot.
  • Zumba-  I have no idea why this is on my list.  It should probably say liposuction instead.

And there you have it.  I am materialistic, but I love my husband.  LJ is not included because I pretty much just buy whatever I feel like I want need for him.


  1. Lists are the best. I love to make them, too. I don't think anything screams "self-importance" like itemizing things based soley on your opinion.

    Blue dress?! Want pictures!! Oh, and let's go buy it when I am there in...20 days!!! (By there, I mean my parents'-I'll be with you a few days later)

    Go easy on the work clothes or you'll end up like me-a closet full of work clothes and no fun clothes!!