Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hey Summer, You Are Being Warned

When I left for work yesterday morning, it was almost cold outside.  When I returned?  It was warm, the air was heavy with moisture... and it was awesome.  Summer is coming!  And I intend to make every moment count.  I plan to spend all of my time in the sun, water, and fresh air with my family and friends.

As far as I am concerned, summer officially begins next weekend.  One of my dear friends from high school is getting married and we are celebrating the end to her single days with a nice, relaxing weekend at the Isle of Palms.  Okay, so maybe not relaxing, but I swear my goal is to get a nap in at some point (please?!). 

So I can just jet over after work and begin a little mini-vacation!  YAY!  The plan so far... food, drinks, more food, more drinks... and some time on the beach (weather permitting).  My new bikini is on the way.  I can't wait!!!

And OHMAHGAWD, my baby is turning a year old in less than TWO months!  I seriously might die.  Time to start the party planning!  They say that the party for the first year is more of a celebration for the parents.  You know, like, "We made it a whole year and he is still breathing!  High five!"  Yep, that will be us.  Because a lot of this year has been more about survival than anything else.  And it has been amazing.

Alright summer, BRING. IT. ON!


  1. Food and drinks-yes!! Bikinis-ewwww!! Ok, maybe not. But, I would like to add a disclaimer to me in a bathing suit or shorts or anything revealing: I've been hunkered down in my basement dodging tornados for the past few months..i.e., there is no sun down there....

    What kind of plans have you made for LJ's party? Do you have a theme, etc?

  2. It's been so warm here. I'm ready!