Monday, December 6, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung

... on the deer antlers with care.  'Cause that's how we roll.  Seriously.  We are still remodeling and don't actually have a mantel yet, so deer antlers it is.  And here is our beautiful tree.  You can kind of see one of the deer hidden behind it.

Please excuse the decoration chaos/explosion/mess going on.

This weekend was really nice.  I got off work early on Friday, spent Saturday doing some cleaning and then went to our town Christmas party that night.  Mama and Daddy kept Little J, which means that not only did Jax and I get to sleep in on Sunday, but we had dinner prepared Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.  Perfection (thanks Mama).

Sunday was just fantastically relaxing.  There is nothing better than snuggling up with my little boy by the Christmas tree and watching a movie.  Have y'all seen Enchanted?  So stinkin' cute.  I love it.  Unfortunately, Little J is one of those people who wants to chit chat through the whole movie, or sleep. 

So sleepy, but completely fascinated by the tv.

He doesn't really care to be rocked, which is usually a good thing since it means he goes down for naps and bed at night really well.  So having him fall asleep in my arms on Sunday was wonderful.  Everything was all warm and snuggly and bunny rabbits and ice cream cones- or wine, whichever you prefer.  And y'all know me, I prefer wine.

Oh, and speaking of being lazy relaxing, Couch 2 5K got put on hold when I was sick a couple of weeks ago.  I have yet to resume.  Is it crazy to think that I'm going to start this before the end of the year and be successful?  I mean, most people just make it their New Years Resolution and then fail.  Why am I determined to get my fail on during the most wonderful time of the year?

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  1. Your tree looks fabulous! Maybe you could just restart the C25K Jan 1st? In the mean time just enjoy the holidays with your family <3