Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Might Be a Redneck If

You get your Concealed Weapons Permit while you are 5 months pregnant.  Yep, I did that.  But I don't think I'm a redneck, just an overachiever.

So, why a CWP?  Just because.  I don't know that I'll ever actually carry a gun anywhere.  Maybe it is just the knowing that I could. 

Or maybe it was more of a defense thing for me.  I wanted to be confident in shooting, like if anyone ever broke into my house or anything.  Which, by the way, if they did they have about a 70% chance of being shot if they stand absolutely still.  So I'm not a sharp shooter.  Meh.

Actually, the more I think about it, maybe it is best that I leave all firearms at home.  I would be considerably more dangerous with a weapon on the road.  Just the other day I threatened to bust some guys windshield because he cut me off and almost hit me. 

Long Commute = Serious Case of the Road Rage

Well, at least in my case it does.  Thank God for my homemade Glee soundtrack.  I can just turn it up, belt out a few tunes, and my troubles melt away  ::sigh::    Because who doesn't feel better when they hear Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer sing "Get Happy," a la Judy Garland?


  1. I have several homemade glee soundtracks myself! Love me some glee music.

  2. Thug Life.

    Keep it real, Tupac. Just remember, this will more than likely not end well (you+gun/weapon= badness, but not the Michael Jackson kind of bad..more like Titanic bad-both real ship and movie).

    But, if you do have to shoot, aim for the lower abdominal area. That way, if you miss low, you shoot his or her (you cannot stereo-type criminals anymore)knee. If you miss high, then you get his or her neck. Win, win-right?!

    "Can we all get along?" Rodney King

    Peace and love, peace and love.