Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I feel like they are coming at me from all directions.  Just when you think you've got a handle on things, you know?  Curveballs.  Bitches.  Frowny face.

Anyone got a bat I can borrow?

What I would like to do is ignore everything and delve into a new book.  Or just catch up on my blog reading.  Pretty much anything to find some sort of escape from my current hell.  That being work.

Maybe if I can get a solid night of sleep tonight, then just maybe I will be able to come in tomorrow and knock these issues out of the park.


Or maybe not.

And then it starts to make me bitchy.  I hate it when I'm like that. 


  1. Sniffles!! I hate that you are feeling so down and grumpy. Grumpy does not suit you. It's definitely my thing. When you feel especially tense, think of that little ball of cuteness (Duke..ok, just kidding..LJ) of yours that is forever smiling.. That has to lighten your mood some...

    I send you hugs and kisses from the Lou, and if you are lucky, I will give you hugs and kisses anytime between the 10th and the 18th...if you think you can handle it!!

    In the meantime, call me if you need a chat. I may or may not be good at cheering people up or talking them off their proverbial ledge. But, it's worth a shot and better than the alternative.

  2. I'm sorry friend! I'll trout slap those damn curve balls for you.

  3. Sleep definitely helps, but I know that's easier said than done.