Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Most Beautiful Word

I guess, is not really a word at all.  It is actually just letters... sounds... strung together... all mashed up.  Mmmmmmmmamamamamamama.  Ma Ma.  Mama.  Momma.  However you want to spell it.  It is the best word.  Ever.

And even though it mostly comes when he is whiny, unlike the happy Dadadadadada in the mornings, it is still the best part of my day. 

Better than that?  When he says it as he is working so hard to make it out of the living room and into the kitchen where I am cooking.  Or when I'm sitting on the couch and he wants to be with me instead of on the floor playing.  Or when the tears are flowing and nothing can make it right except me holding him.

My sweet boy.  He loves his Mama.  But not possibly as much as I love him.


  1. So wonderful! I can't wait for that :)

  2. Mine just started saying it. It's great!