Monday, November 15, 2010

Mah Family

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning...
Brother, Daddy, Mama, Me

Doesn't that picture make my legs look skinny?  Yeah, I think so, too.  We are pretty tight-knit and share a love of all things Clemson, happy hour, and just hanging out together in general.  I sincerely lucked out in the family department.  I couldn't ask for better!

Then there is my dear, sweet, and extremely good-looking husband.  He is the epitome of southern and gentleman.  And he is very smart and good looking (did I say that already?).  Oh, by the way, he may also be an elected official one day, which is reason number 1,573 that I have chosen not to use our real names at this time.  So, we are going to call him Jax.  For those of you who know us IRL, the reason why is clear.  For those of you who don't, let's just say it is because he looks like this man:

Okay, maybe not exactly like that... blonder.

The other man in my life is my baby, Little J.  Every day he does something new and makes me think that he is the most brilliant child in the world.  For example, "Look y'all he is staring at his FEET!" or "He is playing with the toys on his jumperoo- heisaneffinggenius!!!"  Please don't ruin this perception for me.  However, if you aren't buying the high level of intelligence of my five month old, please revel in the cuteness- for it can't be denied:

That smile kills me.  And I told you Jax was really blonde. 

The only family member left is our sweet, baby dog.  His name is Duke.  No, really, that is his name.  I won't even try to make one up.  He is also very precious and the most lovable dog ever.  And yes, he is a pit bull:

Snuggling with his bunny.

More pictures to come in the future.  I mean, I can't spoil you too much right off the bat, right?  That and I know you are already on cuteness overload because of the baybee boy and the baybee dog.

These people, Duke also being people, are the best thing about me.  Period.  Well, maybe except for the time that I tripped over the table and almost broke my toe and they all laughed at me.  They totally suck for that.

It is Monday, people!  I hope you are all lively and ready to make this week your bitch.  Get out there and rock it!


  1. you crack me up, I love that picture of little J. That smile could light up an entire building!

  2. So, if that is not really Jax in that picture, how are we supposed to believe that is Little J in the other picture? He could have come with the picture frame for all we know. Also, Duke told me he feels a little violated because, not only did you use his likeness, but his real name. He mentioned Johnny Cochrane. Not sure why.
    My biggest concern is this talk about you becoming the wife of an elected official. Have you thought this through? Are you ready for a life of dress suits (not the cool ones they wear in the movies but the one's with knee length skirts), panty hose, pumps with chunky heels and a conservative bob?? Also, you will have to learn how to pretend like you care about..things...boring things...stupid people, etc. I've seen you in these situations and your poker face is worse than mine. Finally-you know there are some incriminating photos and/or videos out there somewhere. There is no way you survived 31 years without something existing. I may or may not have said thing. I may or may not be holding on to it just in case. I may or may not have multiple copies. I may or may not cough it up for the right price. Do you really want to find out if I am bluffing?? (Me laughing maniacally while rubbing my hands together..if I had a mustache, I would twirl it.)

  3. Duke mentioned Johnny Cochrane because... Johnny is dead and Duke wants me dead, as well? Or is Duke hiding a Delorian that I know nothing about?

    You bring up some very good points about this "wife of an elected official" thing. You know how I feel about bobs and I don't do chunky heels unless they have red bottoms or have the letters C-H-O-O on them.

    We should totally have a Poker Face battle. It will be right up there with the Stink Face battle. I've totally got pictures of that... I may or may not post them (sticking my tongue out at you!!!).

  4. Cute family!

    Wife of an elected official, in the future, huh? Does this mean one day we will see you on the national news with Brian Williams & he will be airing your dirty laundry? Or will you be writing a book? Oooh, the life of politics. I'll be watching for you! :)

  5. Sorry, Love-even Louboutin can't save chunky heels...
    Hmmm...I accept your challenge and call your bluff (arching one of my perfectly sculpted eyebrows, as I slightly tilt my head and say "ehhhh").