Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vote: I Need Some Honesty People, Please

Gerber Baby- Yes or No?

Stunning resemblance, no?

I am SO not one of those moms.  A few days ago I tweeted about a mom entering her child into 137 million baby pageants and how crazy I thought it was.  It just isn't my thing.  But doesn't Little J look like he would make an awesome Gerber Baby?

And did I tell you there is money involved?  No?  I mean there is like a one in eleventy billion chance that he will win, but it is a $25,000 scholarship.  That smart boy is going to need some schoolin' one day even though he is most assuredly a genius.

Help me decide- Yes, No, or Little J Will Probably Cut You One Day?

1 comment:

  1. I do not think Little J will ever want to cut me because I am awesome. Plus, I am confident that I will not be bested by someone who is less than 2 feet tall. Sorry, bro. You will remain in the clear as long as you don't become one of those crazy/weird moms..Stay cool, yo.

    Now, if you are wanting to get him into the "biz," well, count me in! I am willing to get all Texas Cheerleader Mom on some asses to ensure he gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I am a wild card: the quote/un-quote aunt, so they will never see me coming. Plus, I am half ninja. So I'm impossible to see with the naked eye. I may or may not exist in real life. I could be an urban legand... Who knows for sure...Little J will know when he is drinking liquid gold from a diamond sippy cup. You're welcome.