Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Sick

And Sexified- you know, like Ke$ha?  I'm totally hott in my old t-shirt and pajama pants, sitting around my house watching soaps.  Sorry, no hot pants and stockings ripped all up the sides.

It is an early vacation, y'all!  Now if only I didn't have a raging fever, chills, aches, nausea, and overall grossness.  Strep throat.  My mortal enemy.  It seems to get me pretty much every year.  So, I'm at home illin'.  Right?

Well, I've got nothing today.  Oh, except that Jax told me yesterday that some friends of his bought something on Craigsface.  Huh?  CraigsFACE?!  Really?

Jax has also just been diagnosed with strep, so we will both be hanging around the house tomorrow.  Maybe I'll get another gem that I can share.  Craigsface.  Geez.  Oh, and please say a prayer for Little J that he doesn't catch this.


  1. Booo! Being sick is pretty rotten. I think the worse part is Jax being sick, too. Who is going to make your chicken noodle soup, now?! I think it might be illegal to put Little J to work at his age, but I guess it's time for Duke to man up and earn his keep. In the kitchen, Boy. Good dog.

    Hope you feel better soon. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be nasty if you are still sick. Oh, and it won't be too much fun, either...Just keepin' it real.

    Love, hugs and sniffles!!

  2. aw man! I'm sorry your sick :( that is NEVER fun. Hope you two are feeling better before the holiday!