Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Food

Gerber got nothin' on me.  Little J still gets the jarred (actually plastic containered- if that is a word) stuff every now and again because it is easier, but we are trying to make his food.  Daddy Jax is the king of the emersion blender! 

I can't wait until we have fresh blueberries this summer.  We have blueberry bushes in our backyard.  And a pear tree.  And garlic plants... which are weird because I didn't know that they were garlic.  You pull them out of the ground like weeds!  Clearly, I did not grow up in a farm/garden-type environment.  Let's see, what else do we have?  Peaches, tomatoes, cuccumbers, squash (my absolute all time favorite), zucchini (second fave), spinach, snap peas, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, other kinds of peppers that I don't know what they are, have had watermelon but they didn't turn out too well, and a variety of herbs.

This post really took off in a different direction.  Whatever.  I don't live on a farm or anything, but I do live on a compound.  And I grew up on a plantation.  For real.  Okay, so it is a plantation that was turned into a golf course country club type thing, but it is still a real plantation with a Manor House.  And it is in a long line of old plantations.  Lowcountry SC, y'all!

So, as I was saying, now I live on a compound.  And there is a small garden.  But that is behind my In Law's house.  They live next door.

Wasn't I talking about baby food?  I can't wait for all of those fresh veggies!  I do wish I had a lime tree... that would be super awesome for vodka tonics, vodka sodas (sometimes with cranberry), Crown and ginger, and key lime pie.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is true stream of consciousness that you are witnessing.  You are welcome.  And sometimes I really talk like this.  Some find it irritating, some find it endearing.  Take your pick.  I just reread it and I find it highly annoying, so I apologize.  But I can't delete it.  I've come too far (Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle, anyone?)

Next week I will try to post something worth reading instead of having a brain explosion of useless bullshit all over my blog.  I hope you still love me.  Erm, nevermind, I won't get into the awkwardness of telling people you don't know that you love them.  Okay, I'm done.  I promise.


  1. I think that is so awesome you make his baby food. That is something I really want to do as well, so I will be hitting you up on information on that for sure down the line ;)

  2. Trust me your golden in my book. I followed that whole stream & was like 'I don't understand the issue here?" It makes perfect sense to me, but like you, sometimes my husband has no earthly clue what I'm talking about or how I got there.

  3. I made all 3 of my babies baby food and loved every minute of it. I didn't have the luxury of a backyard garden like you, but we did visit the Farmers Market every weekend and I will tell you that all 3 (now 11, 9, 4) love their veggies!!!!
    I told got your thinking!