Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Junk And Other Fun Stuff

I am at a complete loss.  Are you seriously telling me that it is ONLY Wednesday?  Wait, it is Wednesday, right?  My brain is on overload.

Good news!  LJ slept all.night.long.  Of course, I should have expected this since Jax was going to get up with him should he turn into the Screaming Banshee Child again.  I literally leapt out of bed at 4:30am because I was sure the fact that he hadn't made a peep meant that he was... well, no need to get morbid on your asses... on a freakin' Wednesday, no less.

The funny thing is that I didn't have my contacts in- because, duh, it was 4:30 in the morning- and I didn't put my glasses on.  And I swear when I walked into his room I didn't see him in his crib.  He was balled up in a corner.  My heart was up in my throat somewhere because I thought my kid was gone.  Yeah, he is 7 months old, so I'm not sure exactly where he would have been.  I don't even pretend like I'm rational at that time of morning.

So, you may be wondering what I've been up to this week.  No?  Okay, well I will tell you anyway.  I gave my work computer a virus.  No need to go into how (it might have been while I was searching for an image for my blog- hence, no pictures today!), but just let it be known that the computer guy told me it is happening to everybody.  He may have been lying, but it made me feel better.

I have also joined Weight Watchers.  It is easy for me because I pretty much eat the same things everyday. 

Fact 1:  I don't drink nearly enough water.  I already knew that.
Fact 2:  It seems that I don't eat enough food, either.  How the hell is that?  I eat.  I love food.  And more importantly, if I'm not eating enough food, then why am I not a skinny little skank bitch like I wanna be?  HUH?  Answer me that!  No, really, I don't think I need the details.

Last but not least, I have something really important to tell y'all.  Unfortunately, it will have to wait.  Can't really divulge too many secrets because HELLO it is the Interwebz and I'm not sure who all is reading this junk*.  Give me a week or two and I promise I will tell.

*Thank you Ke$ha for bringing the word junk back into my life.  I didn't even realized how much I missed it until I found myself referring to my own junk.  Junk= need for Weight Watchers.


  1. Yahooo for Weight Watchers! I'll be doing htat right along with you after Carson is born. I love that program.

    As for the word "junk" it truly is an amazing word.

  2. I do believe that Ke$ha will leave her mark on American pop culture. Go get that junk.
    Interested to hear how your Weight Watchers journey goes.

  3. Wait...Weight Watchers??? For reals??! There is no way you need anything that intense! The last time I saw you, which was...August, you looked pretty awesome to me!! I don't know Ke$ha, but I am assuming I am using the word correctly when I say-you don't want to lose your junk, Tank Ass. (This is not meant to be mean, for those of you who don't know me...It's a compliment AJ received a long time ago)

    Anyways, I can explain anything to you if you really want to know-about metabolism and whatnot...I could also save you $$ but WW is a perfectly fine program. I approve.. No one ever wants to take advantage of my brain and knowledge!! I am here for you!!

  4. If Weight Watchers touches my junk, I will totally stop and go back to eating cheezeburgers.

    And thanks Joy for the compliment, but my Tank Ass grew to the size of an air craft carrier when I had LJ. I've lost most of the weight, but want to get rid of the rest.

    I will keep y'all informed as to how well it works for me!