Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've Been Away Because

Of this...

That is not snow, that is ice.  Snow would have been way more fun.  And that is our fire pit.

And this...
PS.  Thank you Liz for the book.  I am FINALLY reading it!

I couldn't get to work yesterday because of the ice storm we had.  Constant sleet for hours.  However, it was the perfect day to snuggle down with coffee and warm jammies and read Twilight.  Obviously, I took care of Little J, but he has been napping well lately and likes to play on this floor with his Daddy.  Awesomesauce.

So I'm approximately 200 pages in and I have one burning question...

When do I decide if I'm Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Do I have to finish the whole book to even be worthy of an opinion?  Is it something that will gradually take over my soul like that ocher eyed, bronze haired, stealth figure captivated the clumsy schoolgirl?  Seriously, I'm so over the word "ocher" and I'm not even halfway through the book. 

I'm not thrilled with it so far, but it is pretty good.  This coming from someone who has only read school books for the last three years- well, until I graduated to "Guess How Much I Love You" and "Where The Wild Things Are."  Good stuff.

So I want to know, since of course we have already established the fact that I'm the last person on the planet to read the series, what Team are you on?  And when do I get my T-Shirt, damn it?!


  1. i say you can make a valid team edward or jacob now :) THose books are so addicting!

  2. wow. you've opened a can of worms, and..well..i have a very strong opinion, but i don't want to influence yours. wait until at least the 2nd book to start thinking about it-there isn't any edward v. jacob in the 1st book.. i will be more than happy to bore you to death with my super duper convincing argument fo team x. i may or may not have given it some thought...

    i will say, if i were bella, it would be a no-brainer to me...and it has nothing to do with the movies and a certain characters sweet bod..what?? he is of age...now...i think..

  3. I haven't read them yet...and I am a huge reader, weird I know :)

  4. Team Edward until I see Lautner with his shirt off in New Moon.