Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Haiku

*Not really because I'm not totally sure what constitutes a Haiku, and I don't feel like Googling it.

If I wrote a Haiku it would be about shoes
Not just any shoes but shoes by Great Loub
Shoes of black and white and red
Shoes that make the other women pout
Check these bitches out
Christian Louboutin
My Christmas present to my Mama because she loves shoes just as much as I do.  Late, but still great.  Enough of the rhyming.  When I figure out what is equivalent to Louboutins in the man world I will totally buy it for my Daddy.  My parents are the best.

Oh, and P.S., I wrote that Haiku myself.  Just in case you couldn't tell.


  1. Your artistic and creative capabilites astonish me. I heard E.E. Cummings was also inspired by shoes.