Monday, January 24, 2011

Issues: I Haz 'Em

Bear with me.  I heard a therapist on tv say that it was good to talk about your issues.

So, we know that LJ hasn't been sleeping.  Which means that I haven't been sleeping.  Ladies and Gents, we have now completed night number 8 with very little sleep- in max amounts of 2.5 hours before I am jumping out of the bed.  I think I read one time that you start hallucinating after 11 nights of no sleep.  Wonder how that translates to "very little" sleep?

Apparently, for me, it translates into OHMAHGAWDCREEPYNIGHTMARES.  On night 8 of very little sleep, I had two ginormous nightmares that I can remember.  One was so bad that I got out of bed and went to tell Jax every little detail that I could remember.  He rolled his eyes and told me to go back to bed. 

Super Scary Nightmare #1:

Jax and I were in some house, more like a condo really.  Everything was white.  I was reading Twilight and everything that I read was coming true.  Except that it wasn't Twilight.  And someone had poisoned this woman, who was actually in the upstairs of the house/condo thing.  Sidenote:  She looked like Abby from General Hospital if anyone needs a visual.  So anyway, we found out that someone had poisened her and her child.  But the child wasn't there- I hadn't gotten that far in the book yet.  So Jax was telling me to look for the poison because the woman started bleeding from her mouth and we had to figure it out before it spread to her eyes.  But, duh, what do I do when I find it because then I will be poisoned, too?!  So I stopped reading the book, but then it didn't stop!  Holy crap, right?!  And then I woke up.  Thankfully.

Super Scary Nightmare #2:

I was at the beach and noticed that someone was following me.  I realized that he had a gun.  As I crossed the beach access, I sped up because he was far enough behind me that I could duck down behind the dunes and run back to the beach house.  I lost him.  When I got back to the house, the FBI was there.  They told me that Jax and I, along with some of our friends, had been put on a hit list.  These people were like snipers and were totally going to kill us.  So I freaked out because I thought they might go looking for me at my parents' house and kill my Mama and Daddy.  Then these big dogs attacked the FBI guys and I woke up.  The end.

What does it MEAN???  I'm really not into analyzing dreams or anything, but I'm thinking I have two choices:  1.  Go to bed at 7:00pm tonight.  2.  Stop eating spaghetti for dinner (never gonna happen).


  1. I hate scary dreams, they mess with me so badly. I really hope these long sleepless nights end for you soon friend. You deserve some good ol' REM sleep.

  2. Well, dreams are basically your mind replaying the days events, so maybe you would sleep better and have better dreams if you stopped posioning people and pissing off the mob while you are awake...

    I say start there before you get all crazy and stop eating spaghetti.

  3. I am pleased to tell y'all that I did not poison anyone or piss off the mob yesterday, which MUST be why I slept all night last night! YAY!

    However, I did realize that I either wrote something yesterday where I mispelled the word "receive" twice, or I dreamed it last night. I have no idea which one! Ugh.